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 @CutmanSheldon presents the hand-wrapping segment of the IMMAF Cutman course with Joseph Clifford and UKMMAF

« The course addresses the need to educate seconds/ cutmen on appropriate corner care for fighters in treating minor injuries. Something that was previously shrouded in mystery, passed on through word of mouth, was seldom evidence based and endorsed the use of dangerous drugs. Now, like never, budding cutmen/women can work alongside, be supervised by and train with the best cutmen of our era. Using evidence based treatments and natural haemostatic agents, we are importantly setting a new standard globally which compliments event emergency services in providing a standard of care not seen before in corners.”
Cutman Educator Joe Clifford

Permet de participer, aux compétitions internationales organisées par l’IMMAF, aux stages et formations diplômantes et d’accéder au réseau MyNextMatch.


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